Anonymous said: Hey can I ask how heretic is it to view death as an mpungo? Not speaking about the muertos, more like death herself?

Well, that depends on your line. In Mayombe, we don’t work with or believe in mpungo at all, instead working with those forces as mpungu, and not humanized reflections. We don’t see mpungo that way, but there are likely others that do.

Ceiba. Blessed to have one. May it grow strong, and our spirituality strengthen with it.

Time to heat some trabajos I have working for clients. Mayombe Saca Empeño shakes the Earth, but never falls.

I can’t fully express how deeply, soul-soothing and satisfying it is to live a religion rooted in Blackness is for me. It’s like the first time I visited Atlanta, and felt such a strange feeling. There was something odd….took me a minute before I realized. I’m not the odd one out here, I’m the default. Being a black man in this country is at times like being a refugee, but in the land your were born to. Having them Congo spirits walk up, them mothers and fathers and cousins, along with all them Creole spirits, leaves me standing strong in a spiritual hometown. smiling. This is what that’s like….
Tata Sima Ngango

Consultation time. Lucero walks. Nsasi brings that hidden gnosis….the smell of ozone, the look of wonder. They’re always so surprised when we Know. Ha. Ain’t that why you’re here? Buen nsala.


Faith is missing, she’s a student from Cal State Fullerton and hasn’t been seen since Monday. She attended a BET party and never returned home. I do not know her personally, however I would appreciate if you guys would reblog this post to help her family get some answers.

Here’s the source directly from the news

Thank you!

Sigh. Good luck…

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Making mamba, putting in work.


The new favorite. Mama Ngundu, the lady Ceiba. She sings back to me.

My, My.

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"You know what the problem with white people is? You don’t respect anybody’s humanity except for your own. You don’t respect anybody’s pain but your own. You expect Jewish people to hate Hitler, and to hate the Nazis… but you can’t understand why we should hate you.”

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on the bones of the native americans 

on the bones of the slaves

on the bones of the puerto ricans

on the bones of the mexicans


He just taught her something’s about her self. welp BOP

He read her then he Dragged her then he read her again!

I just cried my eyeballs out hearing this.


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