More on Lucero, Opener of Roads…

So I spoke to my Tata, and  it would seem there are many different kinds of Lucero/Nkuyu Nfinda. Mine is a Guardian/Guardieros, a protective entity that provides guidance. It’s a prenda, made in an iron cauldron. Stands to reason, as this is how our work together has manifested. He’s helped to remove malicious things, and provided guidance in life. 

Especially useful was a cleansing work with a coconut that he provided me with. I’ll have to detail that in my next post.

Here’s a breakdown of the Luceros:

Lucero Malongo-A guiding Lucero, providing direction on which paths to take in a given situation.

Luceros de Guia- This is a Lucero built into an nkisi in order to guide the spirit of the nkisi, to open roads for it’s natural force. (nganga or otherwise). 

Luceros Ndoki/Kini Kini- Similar to the chicheriku of the Yoruba. These can live outside or inside an Nkisi. They are there to help the Nkisi and can be sent out to do malicious acts. They are made using wooden dolls.

Fundamentos de Luceros- These are completely built Luceros Mundos—an nganga built with the mpungo of Nkuyu Nfinda.

Luceros Guardieros- They functions as guardians, also known as “Guardieros Talanquera, Oficio Puerta.”

The above information I learned from an anonymous Tata on the internets, and confirmed with my own Tata later….and thank you to both gentlemen. Nsala Maleko!

The name Lucero derives from the Spanish word “star.” This is because the Kongos believed that the stars represented the spirits of the “Nkuyo”, especially shooting stars.


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