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    i find the idea that ‘power shared is power lost’ weird. for me, community is important, in all arenas. we’re stronger...
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    :snort: I shall have to remember that the next time someone reprimands me over the dishwasher!
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    Like nobody’s ever stuck an altar cloth in the laundry before….
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    ^ Agreed with the last comment. Personally, a lot of people starting out in Wicca or Paganism are afraid that they might...
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    There are some things I work with that give a loud “Fuck no!” to being seen, and some that readily encourage it. So when...
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    Alters are places of worship in which you pay tribute to your chosen deity. They come in all shapes, sizes but the point...
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    Technically you asked a question followed by your opinions. Other people responded with their opinions and reactions to...
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    I get that it might be different for magic working altars, but… seriously Greek temples get thousands of tourists every...
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    I see nothing wrong with sharing my everyday altar, everyone who comes to my house sees it. However I am not going to...
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    I actually first read that concept in a book about global hunger patterns and how we shit on the Indian coastline to...
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    Aw man, I’ve been following this whole discussion from afar, but I have to reblog this now for Dusken’s commentary,...
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    Truth bombs. Goin’ off in here.